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This website has become a sad shell of what it once was....people used to have real skill and talent, not this lumpy bubbly shit that is pumped out by the boatloads.  People had integrity, true grit.  Now it's filled with the same regurgitated bullshit that isn't original or exciting or funny or anything.  I used to love coming here and seeing what was new.  Now there's retarded ads on the side that I have to PAY to get rid of, these banner ads are unnessecary and just another cash grab.  This website is no longer for the people, it is for the money and pathetic excuses that get on the front page.  Tom Fulp, I havbe been member of this website almost as long as it has been around, and you have lost a loyal follower.  None of you will agree because simply put, you haven't been here long enough to know what you are talking about, or you are one of the artists that uses a photoshop program to make your work look flawless and golden.  This website was one of the best on the internet, and now it's just another faggot playground.  


2010-04-28 01:43:19 by Jauggernaut

You sons of bitches would make my good review useless. Go back to the third ring of hell you underaged bastards or smart-mouthed twenty year olds!

Something I've Noticed

2009-11-17 02:17:57 by Jauggernaut

I've noticed that when giving a review when i give real constructive criticism for a piece of flash I felt needed it, people dub my review as "useless". Is this because they are actually useless? Or because newgrounds is chalk-full of ten-year-old babies that can't handle it when someone gives their two cents on a piece of work that I found to less than enjoyable? Sorry if I don't put 10 for EVERYTHING and write "omg lol this fucking rocks!!!" I do have the occasional holler where the animation is awesome but I don't go putting down other people by dubbing their critique's as "useless"

first thing of art

2009-07-23 03:55:35 by Jauggernaut

well today i put a pic of my art up and i'm praying for the best lol hopefully more to come if i get a better camera and stuff


2009-01-23 19:55:52 by Jauggernaut

my last post as dumb as it was got two angry replies......and my god they were angry.....i didn't even know people take such an offense to that thing....hmmmm i am a bit of a dick


2009-01-21 00:25:30 by Jauggernaut

UGH!!!!! i hate the thrid series of the trilogy of books by chris poalin or w/e his anme is!!!! it was such a waste of money eragon himself is an annoying little shit and the whole book is nothing but talking!!!!!!!! i hate this book!!!!!*whips book into fire* fuck!!!!

Video Games

2008-12-23 03:06:32 by Jauggernaut

Almost everyone plays video games regardless of where they are or whatever and i was thinking, you know how realistic video games are now? what if they could tak eit a little further and make it so you could do drugs in the game? they have some games where you can get drunk but not high on crack or heroine, it is a stupid concept and I'm sure no one will comment but meh i just blog whats comes to my mind now and again.


2008-07-09 17:26:03 by Jauggernaut

What the holy hell!!!! has anyone else noticed the bullshit that can get on the frontpage now??? anyone can do it!! you don't need a smidge of talent at all.....I used to be utterly amazed at the works of art that were on the forntpage...but now i watch one or two animations....thats it! i used to watch them all! but I can't anymore cuz 90%of them fucking suck! I dunno if anyone else feels the same way or if I'm just ranting if so please comment...that is if anyone ever reads this


Being Jumped

2007-09-02 04:41:38 by Jauggernaut

I dunno if you've ever been jumped, but when you do get jumped it is freaky, even both times i was saved by either a random car driving or my uncanny ability to run like a gazelle(when scared). But both times i was scared shitless, and only cuz their was two of 'em, and plus they had knives, I may be big but knives prolly beat fists.