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2009-01-21 00:25:30 by Jauggernaut

UGH!!!!! i hate the thrid series of the trilogy of books by chris poalin or w/e his anme is!!!! it was such a waste of money eragon himself is an annoying little shit and the whole book is nothing but talking!!!!!!!! i hate this book!!!!!*whips book into fire* fuck!!!!


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2009-01-21 00:54:00

A child your age....I would fuck you until you bleed. you would cry and beg for me to stop, but I wouldn't. I would keep ramming my hard dick into your tiny bleeding hole until I flooded you with a massive amount of hot, sticky cum. I would pull out, look at your writhing, beaten body and leave you to your desecrated shame.

Jauggernaut responds:

honestly kind sir that is quite an offer but i will decline, i dunno why you take such an offense to this post i enjoyed the first two but not the third one, did you write the book? cuz really your acting like a killed your family