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2009-01-23 19:55:52 by Jauggernaut

my last post as dumb as it was got two angry replies......and my god they were angry.....i didn't even know people take such an offense to that thing....hmmmm i am a bit of a dick


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2009-01-23 19:58:23

At first glance, your user pic looked like that blonde guy out of Night at the Museum. The cowboy, y'know?


2009-01-23 20:02:24

No, you got trolled. Learn to Internet moar.


2009-01-23 20:03:45

We meet far too often, igott.
Yeah, but don't worry Jauggernaut.
If you've been off the site for more than a year or so, you've got a lot of catching up to do.


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