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Something I've Noticed

2009-11-17 02:17:57 by Jauggernaut

I've noticed that when giving a review when i give real constructive criticism for a piece of flash I felt needed it, people dub my review as "useless". Is this because they are actually useless? Or because newgrounds is chalk-full of ten-year-old babies that can't handle it when someone gives their two cents on a piece of work that I found to less than enjoyable? Sorry if I don't put 10 for EVERYTHING and write "omg lol this fucking rocks!!!" I do have the occasional holler where the animation is awesome but I don't go putting down other people by dubbing their critique's as "useless"


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2009-11-17 03:22:14

because humans suck


2009-11-17 03:33:21

Don't take it too harshly, I say.

I give this sort of thing a name. Asskissinitis.

A terrible disease which refers to anyone on Newgrounds, with a slightly above average famous persona. An amazing example of the disease is witnessed with TheWeeble. Link here: s/flash

Overall, I've given up giving reviews, because it just doesn't freaking matter to anyone, except for the actual author.

See, if you become famous, the disease will grab hold and give you glory.